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September’s CMP Monthly Match

On September 17th some of the members of the Rifle and Pistol Club competed at the Camp Perry, OH in the CMP’s Monthly 60 Shot Air Match.  Andrew Traciak competed in the air pistol event, while Clayton Peck, Amos Peck, Tyler Luce and Angelina Taylor competed in the air rifle event.

Andrew shot a qualifying score of 532 out of 600.  He shot a finals match of 95.9 securing second place.

In rifle Clayton qualified in second with 578 and 27 x’s putting him ahead of Tyler who qualified with a 578 and 21 x’s.   While Amos qualified in fourth with a 577 and 28 x’s and Angelina qualified in fifth with a 575 and 30 x’s.  However, these standings changed with the finals.  With a final of 102.4 Amos finished in first place with a score of 679.4, while Tyler finished in third with a final score of 678.5, Clayton in fourth with a score of 677.5 and Angelina in fifth with a score of 677.2.

It was a great match for all that attended and a wonderful beginning for the 2011-2012 season for the club.  Congratulations to all the team members on a job well done!

~ Angelina Taylor (Rifle Team)

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